Miami Dolphins: Mike Wallace Post-Game Comments Should Come As No Surprise

By Jeff Everette
Mike Wallace-Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins started the 2013 NFL season by going into Ohio and getting a win against the Cleveland Browns. The defense played well, Brian Hartline had a 114 yards and a touchdown and they won by 13 points. 

This should have the locker room excited about the new season and the game plan they had in place, but somehow, it was not enough for wide receiver Mike Wallace.

The Dolphins’ biggest offseason acquisition had been very vocal heading into the Week 1 matchup with the Browns’ Joe Haden, but came away from Sunday’s game with one reception for 15 yards on five targets. The lack of opportunity clearly left the explosive wideout frustrated, an emotion that spilled over as he talked with the media after the game.  


Joe Philbin was nonplussed concerning his new offensive weapon’s comments, and honestly, why should he?

Wallace has never been shy about voicing his opinion and the Dolphins knew what they were getting when they signed him this spring. He is an extremely talented player, with speed to spare, and this was certainly not the debut he had envisioned when he inked his $65 million dollar deal.

One thing Wallace needs to remember is that he was not only brought in for his receiving abilities, but also to open up the field for the other Miami receivers. With Hartline posting his second-best career performance, and Brandon Gibson racking up 77 yards of his own, it is fair to say Wallace’s presence on the field helped give others opportunities they were not getting last year. Now offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill need to come up with a better balance.

Going an entire half without even targeting their biggest weapon makes no sense, and they will surely make sure this doesn’t happen again anytime soon. In the meantime, Wallace needs to relax and enjoy the victory. The upcoming schedule looks rough, and if this is his reaction to a win, what will he be like following a couple of losses in a row?

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