5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose in Week 3

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5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose in Week 3

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Week Three in the NFL presents a slate of games loaded with drama, as several coaches and players will face off against their old team or former mentor. Much will be made of the contests, like Andrew Luck facing off against his old coach Jim Harbaugh when the Indianapolis Colts visit the San Francisco 49ers.

In other action we also see Ed Reed, who is slated to return to a more active role this week for the Houston Texans as he returns to his former home playing against the Baltimore Ravens. Regardless of the kind of fan you are, there are a lot of games on tap if you’re one of the people who is blessed with one of the satellite TV packages where you can watch all of the games.

It can be a tough choice which game to watch. With prices for these packages ringing in so high, getting your money’s worth for each game can be a big deal. Some games this week are sure to impress, some are sure to be close affairs, yet other’s you could click through for a minute before realizing you’re about to waste your time watching a full scale blown out.

If you’re like me and you don’t just homer out for any one team, but instead watch the games as a fan of the NFL as a whole, then you don’t want to get stuck watching yet another lopsided loss.

Here are my top 5 predictions for teams that are sure to lose this week!

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Team 5: Philadelphia Eagles

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I know this might come as a shocker, and I’m sure that by picking against them I just angered every Philadelphia Eagles fan in South Philly. At the end of the day, the Eagles are still Andy Reid’s team. He put that roster together with his own two hands. All of the key pieces and key players are his guys; he watched hours of scouting tape, and he taught them the fundamentals that elevated them to the pro game. He knows that DeSean Jackson likes to take a stutter step right to juke a defender left. He knows Michael Vick usually pulls the ball down to run before finishing his third read, and he knows the men’s room is usually out of toilet paper before the end of the third quarter.

Sure, Chip Kelly might be right that Reid doesn’t know the Eagles' new scheme. What Reid knows is the strengths and weaknesses of the players who have to execute that scheme. I think he marched in there with the Kansas City Chiefs on the same night that they retire Donovan McNabb's number in order to remind Philly that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

I know you don’t have any other games to watch on Thursday night, but I think for this one you can just watch the first quarter of before taking the kids out to get ice cream.

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Team 4: Carolina Panthers

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Last week, the Carolina Panthers crumbled and gave one away to the Buffalo Bills. Both sides of the ball have been gutted emotionally, while the Defense has been gutted physically. Losing Safety Charles Godfrey for the season, while beating up Josh Thomas, Josh Morgan and Charles Johnson, is sure to leave some holes at all three levels of the defense.

The New York Giants come into this game hungry for a proper win ,to make a statement that they are a team still capable of performing at a high level. I think the Giants hang a lot of points on a Panthers team that is about to start reeling with questions.

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Team 3: Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins are a 2-0 team, but it’s an ugly 2-0. Their two wins were handed to them by the poor play and under performance of their opponents. The Dolphins have flashed moments of a developing passing game mixed with an anemic running game. Sure, they are a team on the rise and might even contend for a Wild Card Spot, but they are the least talented of the 2-0 teams.

In Week 3, they face off against the Atlanta Falcons, who come into town with a hobbled Roddy White and missing Steven Jackson. Unfortunately, even two players down, this is still a juggernaut of an offense that should step all over the Dolphins' young defense and wipe their feet on the end zone.

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Team 2: Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team struggling to find themselves on offense. Blaine Gabbert is out, replaced by Chad Henne. Justin Blackmon is still on suspension and Maurice Jones-Drew, if he plays, will be much less than 100 percent with an ankle injury.

They travel this week to face off against the Seattle Seahawks, who are teamed up with the 12th man crowd noise. They are a team and a city looking to keep the momentum rolling as the new top dogs of the NFC West. It would take a miracle and a half for the Jaguars to get back on the plane with their hands raised in victory.

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Team 1: Oakland Raiders

Kelley L. Cox

Now, I love the fan base of the Oakland Raiders. I love the passion and the zeal of the guys who rock out each week in the Black Hole. Unfortunately, the front office and coaching staff just seems to keep coming up with new ways to let the team down, as they stock the roster with second string talent and injury prone stars.

Traveling to take on the high powered offense of the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football is like leading the lambs to slaughter.