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Will Peyton Manning Have The Best Season Of His Career?

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If you do not know this by now, then you haven’t been watching football this year. Through four weeks Denver Broncos future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions

By now we should all know that Manning can accomplish anything, yet somehow he still finds ways to amaze me. I knew the Broncos offense was going to be lethal this year but come on. The lowest point total they have scored this season in one game was 37. I bet the Jacksonville Jaguars won’t score 37 more points this season.

I never like to gush over players like some sports analysts do, but for Peyton it is warranted and well deserved.  He is just amazing and is the greatest quarterback that I have ever seen.

Now he is certainly on pace for the best season of his career, at age 37 mind you, but will it happen?

While a lot can occur in 12 weeks, I think Manning and the Broncos will go on to crush many records this season and Peyton will reclaim his single season touchdown record, currently held by Tom Brady with 50.

When it comes to the playoffs, however, Peyton seems to run into some bad luck, like last year for example. But regardless, I would say that this year will be very different because I think he currently has the best group of players he has ever had. Because of this he will indeed go to the Super Bowl this season at MetLife Stadium and possibly win it all to tie his brother Eli Manning with two Super Bowl victories and MVPs, barring any injuries of course.

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