Super Bowl 2014 Prediction: Seattle Seahawks Defense Will Fold

By Isaac Comelli
Peyton Manning
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The big day is finally here as the long awaited Super Bowl XLVIII begins in just a few hours. In what has become one of the most anticipated and well-watched sporting events in the world, the 2014 NFL finale will certainly be an exciting game.

This year’s matchup features the two clear favorites from their respective leagues. In the past, there have been some upsets along the way, but the 2014 NFL Playoffs brought few surprises. The AFC’s best offense, the Denver Broncos, led by future hall of famer Peyton Manning, will face off against the young stud, Russell Wilson, and the vaunted defense of the Seattle Seahawks.

When all is said and done, I believe the Broncos will hoist the Lombardi Trophy and claim the ultimate NFL victory.

The common saying “Offense wins games; defense wins championships” is a nice thought, but the man who penned that statement probably never met Peyton Manning. The veteran quarterback is known as the game’s best tactician and can pick apart the NFL’s best defenses. With almost 65,000 career passing yards and a touchdown to interception ratio better than two to one, Manning will be able to fend off Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and the rest of Seattle’s defensive unit.

With Manning running the show, throwing to his amazing wide receiver core and handing off to a duo of powerful running backs, Wilson will not get much time on the field with his offense. Although the young quarterback of the Seahawks is an amazingly talented athlete, he still has much to prove.

The Seahawks rely too heavily on Marshawn Lynch to make plays and to move the ball up the field. The Denver defense will know this is coming and Wilson will be unable to be effective enough in the passing game. Wilson’s day will come, but this day belongs to Manning and the Broncos.

Final score prediction: Broncos 23, Seahawks 10

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