2015 NFL Playoffs: Predicting the Six AFC and NFC Playoff Teams

By Jeff Smith
2014 NFL Playoff Predictions
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The NFL Draft is officially over, and this means that it’s time for people to get ready for the wait until the 2014 NFL season. Don’t worry folks; it’s not as far as it seems (it sort of is though, sorry). To get the build up to the season going even more, I’m going to go ahead and look which six teams I believe are going to make it to the playoffs this year in both the AFC and the NFC.

Obviously a lot can change between now and the start of the season, but based on what these teams have and the way that they drafted, we at least have a solid idea of what to expect from most of them. I’m not putting these in any specific order, as I won’t be guessing divisional winners and wild card teams but simply choosing the teams that make it into the postseason.

If your team didn’t make the list (and most of them won’t), have no fear, because maybe they’ll make a crazy offseason move that changes everything. Let’s do it.

2014 NFC Playoff teams:

What You’ll Argue: The Cowboys making the list, the Detroit Lions NOT making the list, the Philadelphia Eagles NOT making the list and the Carolina Panthers NOT making the list.

I’ll Argue Back: For one, the Cowboys’ defense has so many pieces going into camp, and guess what? They are healthy pieces for once. This team is going to be able to use a wide range of players to keep their defense fresh, and I love what they did during the draft. Cowboys win the division in 2014, and Tony Romo is no longer the most hated-on man in America (that probably wouldn’t stand true even if he won a Super Bowl).

Now, the Lions and that defense? Come on, guys; you have to address that. Instead, just draft Eric Ebron and hope to beat every team 52-49. Good luck.

The Eagles simply lose out because I don’t believe in Nick Foles, and I also can’t understate enough how much losing DeSean Jackson will hurt. That was seriously not good folks, and it’ll show on the field. Chip Kelly can run as many plays as fast as he wants, but it won’t matter this year as they finish at 8-8.

Now the Panthers? Oh, the Panthers. How do you not address your wide receiver issue with more than some possession receivers and a rookie who you drafted too early?

2014 AFC Playoff teams:

What You’ll Argue: Baltimore Ravens NOT being in — what else is there to really argue? Maybe the San Diego Chargers? Nah. I will throw the Miami Dolphins a shot at getting in the playoffs this year though. Nice add with Knowshon Moreno.

My Argument Back: I just simply think the Steelers are a better team than the Ravens are in all honesty. The Ravens aren’t looking like a team ready to turn it around after an average year, but I really like how the Steelers finished. Major love to the Dolphins, though, because I really think that this team pushes for a spot and may even gets in. Moreno is going to be exactly what they’ve been missing on offense (except you they need to hope Jarvis Landry is the answer at wideout).

Just one last thought. It’s almost absurd how much better the NFC is than the AFC. Pretty much from top to bottom I’d take the NFC, and that’s just crazy.

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