Chris Kluwe Not Backing Down From Lawsuit Threat; Blasts Minnesota Vikings On Twitter

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Kluwe
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings seem destined for a court date with Chris Kluwe at this point. The team’s former punter and his lawyer threatened legal action earlier in the week, and now it may be just a matter of time before the two sides square off in the courtroom.

Kluwe was already mad because he believes he was cut because of his outspoken views on gay rights. He then got really upset when the Vikings didn’t release the full report on their investigation into special teams coach Mike Priefer, who Kluwe has called out for using gay slurs.

The Vikings’ investigation into Priefer revealed that he used a homophobic slur one time in 2012, and he’s now been suspended for three games.

But that’s not enough for Kluwe. He’s ready to take the Vikings to court for $10 million.

I recently wrote that he’d essentially be wasting his time by trying to take the big business that is the Vikings to court, and while that still may be the case, he’s not backing down. Not one bit.

Those are just a few of the pointed tweets from his account today.

The part about playing dirty is in reference to the side story that came out on Friday of Kluwe making rape jokes to Priefer, a big Penn State fan, shortly after the Jerry Sandusky fiasco. But Kluwe claims that “over half the team” was doing it as well.

For those who think he’s in this for the money, he’s actually not. He claims he’ll be donating it all, if he wins, to LBGTQ charities.

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