New York Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson Takes High Road By Not Holding Out

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Muhammad Wilkerson
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Muhammad Wilkerson has more character and integrity than most give him credit for. Most athletes tend to think about their money and contract situations when they are about to hit training camp. Some even go as far as holding out of them in hopes of upper management giving in and getting a new contract done before the regular season starts. Usually it means more guaranteed money, but it questions the morals of said athletes. This is not the case of Wilkerson who has taken the high road in regards to his contract situation with the New York Jets. Not only did he show up in time for training camp, but he proved that he is a natural born leader to his teammates and fans by doing the right thing.

With about two years left on his original contract he signed as a rookie back in 2011, Wilkerson is easily one of the best defensive players on the Jets. He’s one of the main anchors on the famous “Sons of Anarchy” as they have collectively formed one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Coming off his best season yet, he is easily due a nice big contract to reward him for his contributions so far to the team. Another great factor is that he has been relatively healthy throughout his young career so far as he’s only going to get better and progress.

The Jets should reward Wilkerson for taking the high road while others in the past decided to be immature and “sit out” of training camp because they wanted to add more dollars to the fortunes they already have. While a new deal will most likely not get done before this season starts, the Jets’ upper management have surely taken note of what he’s decided to do in regards to his contract as of right now. Maybe down the road he’ll get his big payday and rightfully so—he’s earned it by speaking with his actions on the football field.

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