Brock Lesnar's Likely Role Heading into Wrestlemania 29

By Andrew Fisher
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For fans of Brock Lesnar, the wait is over. The former UFC and WWE champion returned on Monday Night Raw to save his manager and real-life friend Paul Heyman from termination.

The timing of his return was near perfect, arriving just in time to save Heyman from being “fired” by Vince McMahon. Lesnar then proceeded to F-5 the 67-year old McMahon. Yes, pro wrestling is scripted, but Lesnar slammed the hell out of Vinnie Mac on Monday.

Kudos to WWE for keeping a second consecutive return secret, as there was no real speculation of Lesnar being on Raw. They pulled it off perfectly, and he did the perfect thing upon his return.

Now obviously this is going to play into a rematch with Triple H at Wrestlemania, but at least it makes sense now. McMahon is the real-life father-in-law of Triple H, and now something has been added to his feud with Lesnar. It wasn’t much of a feud before, but now it should feel more personal.

I also expect the feud to encompass a feeling of Brock and Heyman vs. WWE management. Again, it’s no secret the both Heyman and Lesnar have had big disagreements in the past with the WWE brass, specifically Vince McMahon.

So even though this isn’t the match people want to see at WM 29, it appears that at least there may be some layers added to the story to make it more interesting. Expect Triple H to return in a week or two to confront Lesnar and eventually issue a challenge.

Triple H should say something to the effect of: “Now it’s personal!” All kidding aside, I’m going to trust WWE to build this feud correctly with Heyman and Vince involved.

As for Lesnar’s return to the wrestling ring? Don’t expect it until Mania, but there’s a very small chance he could be used in some capacity at Elimination Chamber.


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