Let’s See Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair At WrestleMania

Photo Courtesy Ric Flair, Official WWE Universe Facebook page

If Hulk Hogan has to go back to the WWE and steal a lot of money and attention from the younger, more talented and more deserving wrestlers on the card, then the WWE should at least book him in a match that belongs at WresteMania.

Hogan should wrestle Ric Flair. and Flair should win. Hogan and Flair were supposed to wrestle in the main event of WrestleMania in 1992, but it never happened. It was the ultimate dream match. Picture Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. It would have been like that, but only better.

The Flair vs. Hogan matchup never happened because neither guy reportedly wanted to lose. It’s too bad. Flair vs. Hogan, even in 1991, would have been one of the greatest matchups of all-time. Instead, we got Hogan taking on Sid Justice in a terrible match only made famous by the fact that the Ultimate Warrior did one of his many run-ins after disappearing for months at a time.

Flair wrestled Randy “Macho Man” Savage, in an epic match and storyline involving The Lovely Elizabeth. Flair produced altered photos supposedly of him and Elizabeth before she met Savage. The two wrestled in the co-main event and Flair dropped the title to the Macho Man.

Hogan and Flair would wrestle in several matches in WCW, but like most things WCW did, it wasn’t nearly as good as the WWE’s show.

Hogan doesn’t deserve to wrestle the big, top younger guys at the biggest show of the year. He should, however, do the job for Flair, a guy who he should have lost to a long time ago in the WWE.

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  • Jo-Jo Peré

    never…ever….should Flair go over Hogan. That’s just not how it works, Flair even knows it!!!

  • Fred Nichols

    Yeah this article is ignorant. Flair vs Hogan I’m good with, but Flair does not go over Hogan at Mania. No way! And where did you get your info about neither man wanting to lose at WM 8?

    • Joey Saylor

      Same place everybody else does, the internet. BTW the actual truth is that the matches Hogan and Flair had at house shows didn’t get the reaction Vince wanted/hoped for so he changed things around. This is documented on WWE DVDs but it’s not something that Hogan and Flair like to admit or talk about. It’s worth noting Flair would have done the job and he even said so. We know Hogan wouldn’t have done the same.

      Final thought but how can anyone write an article like this in 2013 and be serious? Neither wrestler is in shape, they are way past their prime and frankly it would be just a big cluster. Neither of these two should wrestle anybody, anymore IMHO. That train is long gone!

  • Jordan Weaver

    Tell me you wouldn’t love this scenario everyone.
    Hogan vs Undertaker Steel Cage match. Or maybe Steve Austin (anything but Flair).
    “Hogan is on top of the steel cage, Undertaker/Austin is layed out over the table, oh my…no he wouldn’t…Hogan’s GOING FOR THE LEG DROP FROM THE TOP OF THE STEEL CAGE, NO NOOOO!!!!”
    bOOM Hogan lands a leg drop from the top of a steel cage. Most epic match ever! The end.

  • Chaos285

    You misspelled wrestlemania. Just saying