WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Not a Lock for Wrestlemania 29

By Andrew Fisher

Reports are coming out today that The Undertaker may not be a lock for Wrestlemania 29 as once thought. Taker has reportedly been bothered by a bad hip for awhile now, and apparently it’s to the point where it could cost him his annual match at Mania.

The hip in question has already been surgically replaced and the physical match at last year’s WM 28 reportedly further damaged it.

Obviously, this would be a huge blow to WWE’s Super Bowl, as Taker has become a mainstay on the card. His streak is the longest running Wrestlemania theme and the event certainly won’t be the same if Taker can’t go.

The thing is, no one can ever get upset with Taker. He’s given his life to the business, and he’s got a fake hip for crying out loud. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s feeling good enough to wrestle a match, it’s really just a question if he can perform up to his standards, which are really, really high.

Dating back to WM 25, the Undertaker’s match has arguably stolen the show every time. I mean, he’s wrestled Shawn Michaels and Triple H for the last four years. He’s now 47 and understandably not feeling the greatest. It’s not like he’s coming back for a spot in the Rumble – he’s coming back to wrestle in the marquee match of Wrestlemania.

If he can’t go this year, I don’t know where WWE turns. Right now, he’s slated to take on CM Punk by all accounts, so that would leave a pretty big void in the card. We’re still more than two months away, the smart money is that he has one more match left in him.


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