Possible Opponents for Team Hell No at Extreme Rules

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of 24wwe007.blogspot.com

Team Hell No has dominated the weak tag team division since Night of Champions last year. Now that the tag team division is seemingly being reloaded, who will face Kane and Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules?

The most obvious choice is The Shield. They have been feuding off and on ever since the Shield came into the WWE. If this is the case, Team Hell No will most likely drop the titles to signal the beginning of the Shield dominated era of the WWE. The Shield will then most likely go on to win mid-card championships and maybe even one of the major titles.

I sincerely hope the WWE decides to go in a different direction. There have been tag teams working for a lot longer than the Shield in the WWE with little to no reward. Hopefully the WWE chooses to reward one of these teams with a title shot.

The Prime Time Players have worked many matches with Team Hell No and always seem to come out looking like the weaker team. It’s unfortunate that they’re booked this way since they are one of the few true tag teams left in the WWE. I love their team moveset. It’s rare to see that much creativity in the tag team division.

Most of the time the tag team matches consist of a random team of baby faces doing their finishers in sync. Hopefully the Prime Time Players get a push soon. I’d hate to see them fizzle out of the WWE without seeing them reach their full potential.

If it’s not the Prime Time Players getting a shot, then it should definitely be Team Rhodes Scholars. It’s hard to watch them be part of their pointless feud with Tons of Funk. They used to be number one contenders for the title, and now they’re at the bottom of the barrel. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes have so much promise, but they haven’t gotten a good push yet. Maybe a tag team title reign would kick start their singles career.

It’s hard to believe the shot will go to any team besides the Shield, but a little wishful thinking never hurts.

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