Mick Foley Should Be a Lesson to John Cena

Mick Foley

The master of hard knocks and cheap pops is starting to see his reckless career catch up to him. Hardcore legend turned stand-up comedian Mick Foley had to recently cancel a show in Denver, Colo. due to back problems. Foley […]

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose Destined For Hell In A Cell

Dean Ambrose

When Seth Rollins turned on his Shield brethren Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose a few months ago, everybody knew that the WWE was in for one heck of a war. Thus far, it has been exactly that, with Ambrose attacking Rollins […]

Stone Cold Steve Austin Teases A Return Again

Stone Cold Steve Austin

In a recent interview, Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke as if the door was just waiting to be kicked open for one last return to the ring. WrestleMania 32 will be in Dallas/Arlington, Texas in 2016, which of course is […]

Chris Jericho Brand Diminishing With Returns

Chris Jericho

Front man for a hard rock band, podcast host, reality show contestant, game show host and actor — these are the occupations Chris Jericho can put on his resume. The man has lived the dream and has been able to […]

Breaking Up The Shield May Have Saved Raw


Just last year, it seemed as if the WWE‘s roster was the best in a decade. Daniel Bryan was making his long awaited ascension to the top. The Undertaker was hoping to return to action on a semi-regular basis. The Rock […]

WWE Raw Predictions (8/25): Superstars And Legends Against The Emmys

WWE Twitter

Tonight’s Raw is going head to head with the 66th Emmys, something that the WWE has never had to contend with before as the awards ceremony is normally aired on a Sunday, and not in August. In reasonable fashion, the WWE has responded by bringing […]

5 Reasons Why A.J. Styles Needs To Sign With WWE


5 Reasons Why Kurt Angle Needs To Retire In WWE

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Three Legends Scheduled to Kick Off RAW

Hall of Famers

Three WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers are set to appear on the August 25 episode of Monday Night Raw. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan will kick off the show by doing a special  panel segment. The former grapplers […]

Top 10 Hulk Hogan Moments

Courtesy Hulk Hogan - Facebook

5 NXT Women Who Could Rise To Become Top WWE Divas

NXT top divas

It’s The Perfect Time To Revitalize The Secondary Titles

Dolph Ziggler @WWEUniverse

Assuming John Cena doesn’t take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off of Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions next month, we may go a few Pay-Per-View events without the company’s biggest prize up for grabs. As some fans grumble over this […]