X-Men Star Hugh Jackman Returning To Raw Is Best For Business

Hugh Jackman Raw

It’s a good thing that the Raw guest host era is over. A few years ago it seemed like a decent concept and a good way to get extra eyeballs on the WWE product. But now in 2014, the product […]

Steve Austin Supports Gay Marriage, and That’s the Bottom Line

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin supports gay marriage. WHAT? I said Steve Austin supports gay marriage. WHAT? You know, a union between two people of the same sex. WHAT? That’s roughly how an Austin gay marriage promo would go in front […]

Will John Cena Turn Heel After His Feud With The Wyatt Family?

John Cena and Hulk Hogan

It seems that every couple of years, there’s speculation as to whether or not John Cena will turn heel. Well, his current program with the Wyatt Family has opened the door yet again. Cena always receives mixed reactions on television […]

WWE: Raw Ratings Drops A Lot This Week

John Cena In Action

After the buzz of WrestleMania XXX and sad passing of Ultimate Warrior, the Raw ratings plummeted this week. The episode of Raw after WrestleMania XXX did huge numbers as viewers tuned in to see who the big winners were from […]

How Long Before Kane’s Gimmick Changes Again?

Kane Mask

Last night, the Big Red Machine donned the mask again and gave his Daniel Bryan three tombstones. If you’re keeping count, this is the fourth time Kane has decided whether the mask should stay on or off. While it’s great […]

Will Evolution Disband After Extreme Rules?

The Shield and Evolution

Evolution may be headlining the WWE‘s next “Special Event,” Extreme Rules, but there’s reason to believe they won’t be around much longer; at least not in their current form. It’s been reported that Batista will be taking time off immediately after […]

Is WWE Protecting Dolph Ziggler’s Health?

Dolph Ziggler Cashes in Money in the Bank

What happened to Dolph Ziggler’s push is one of the WWE’s great mysteries. It’s up there with the identity of fake Kane. The dirt sheets say Ziggler fell out of the main event because of an interview where he mouthed […]

Cesaro Is Losing Momentum

Cesaro and Rob Van Dam

When Cesaro officially split from the Real Americans the day after WrestleMania XXX, it appeared that his path to glory would be swift. He had Paul Heyman as his manager, the company was behind him and the fans were starting […]

WWE Won’t Commit To Daniel Bryan As A Top Performer

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Despite winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, it’s clear that the WWE has no interest in treating Daniel Bryan like the top star in the company. This was never more evident after Monday Night Raw. Despite being the […]

Kane Puts On The Mask Again

Kane In A Mask

WWE came to their senses and started making Kane look like a vicious monster again. Kane put the mask back on in late 2011 and was built as an unstoppable monster. He feuded with John Cena briefly which was one […]

Chris Jericho Is The Reason Why Goldberg’s Potential WWE Return Is A Terrible Idea

Chris Jericho Goldberg Beef

Every now and then, the internet creates rumors regarding a match between Ryback and Goldberg. Now it’s good to take internet speculation with a grain of stale JR’s barbeque sauce, but it seems the sweat hog nerds of the internet […]

The Rock Makes Pitch To Be James Bond Villain in Future Movie

The Rock

The Rock took his WWE career to the next level when he became a villain way back in 1997. Now he might try to do the same with his movie career. Dwayne Johnson is no doubt one of the top […]