Ricardo Rodriguez Will Turn On RVD

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Even in the world of spoilers and dirt sheets, mostly everyone was surprised when Ricardo Rodriguez revealed his new client to be “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam a few weeks ago. The pairing seemed odd to say the least, […]

What Has the WWE Done to Kane’s Image?


I’m not a fan of what the WWE has done to Kane in recent years. Kane entered the WWE in 1997 as the little brother to the Undertaker. The big-red machine dominated the industry when entered, and was feared as […]

Is Extreme Rules set to be an Extreme Let Down?

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  This Sunday, the WWE will present their first worldwide pay-per-view (PPV) since WrestleMania 29. After a month and a half of waiting, the WWE Universe will be treated to Extreme Rules 2013. For those who may not know, this PPV was predicated on […]

Will The World Heavyweight Championship Belt Get a New Look?

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  The Raw broadcast after WrestleMania 29 proved to be more than just a typical post-PPV Raw show. That night, the live Raw audience ignited a fire under the internet wrestling community with their undying participation of the weekly show. […]

New World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray Is Great For TNA

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“It’s a whole new world my friends, its a whole new freakin world” were the closing words said by the Human Suplex Machine Taz in the commentary booth tonight. These words would ring appropriate as TNA Lockdown 2013 would close […]

The Longer Dolph Ziggler Waits To Cash In, The Better For Him Overall

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  As we sit here four weeks away from Wrestlemania 29, we find ourselves in a very rare situation where the WWE has an active roster of talent still having an uncashed Money in the Bank briefcase among them, held on by […]

Does Anyone Care For Del Rio vs Swagger At WrestleMania 29?

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio WrestleMania 29

With the Elimination Chamber PPV concluded, we now know what some of the matches will be at WrestleMania 29. The main event is The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Title. Another match is Alberto Del Rio vs Jack […]

How the World Heavyweight Championship Can Restore Its Prominence

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  For the past few years the World Heavyweight Championship title has lost a significant amount of steam that it once had. Most of this has to do with the title hopping that has occurred with the Title. We have seen the […]

WrestleMania 29 World Heavyweight Title Match Is Randy Orton vs Sheamus?

Randy Orton vs Sheamus WrestleMania 29

Reports have come in that the WWE has a World Heavyweight Championship match already penciled for WrestleMania 29. The current match that is scheduled may not please some fans as it’s a match that has happened several times before in […]

WWE Rumors: Possible Matches As The Road To Wrestlemania 29 Begins Soon

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As we are nearing the end of the year, naturally the conversation about Wrestlemania 29 starts to heat up considerably. January’s PPV is the Royal Rumble which is the officially start to the road to Wrestlemania. Right now would be […]

Bound For Glory Is Set Up To Be On For The Ages

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  We have finally reached the catalyst and the mecca for TNA Impact Wrestling. Tonight is the premier and biggest pay per view of the year, of which every wrestler on the roster has worked so hard and put forth […]

WWE Money In The Bank 2012 PPV Results


WWE Money In the Bank 2012 Results   Tonight was the 3rd Annual WWE Money In the Bank Pay Per View.  This event was live from the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year’s Money In the Bank PPV […]