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5 Returning Superstars That Could Help WWE

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Returning Superstars That WWE Could Use

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When the ratings start to drop, the WWE likes to bring back former superstars to give them a boost. Last year, we saw the returns of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho help peak interest for Wrestlemania. These veterans help gain support from long time fans of the WWE. It's nice when a returning wrestler's music randomly plays and instantly reminds you of watching them as a child. The returns could also draw back fans who have lost their interest in wrestling over the years. Fans that dislike the PG era may tune in if one of their attitude era favorites are wrestling.

While some may argue the roster is too talented to bring in part timers, I believe the WWE needs the help of popular veterans to help put some of the prospects over. The most recent example of this happened at Wrestlemania 29 when Chris Jericho put Fandango over. Now Fandango has fans humming his entrance music, imitating his dances and pronouncing his name. There is no way his character would have gotten this far without the help of Jericho. There are plenty of mid-carders in need of somebody to help get them over. Zack Ryder,Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston are all ready for the big leagues. All they need is a veteran dance partner to help get them into the main event.

Not all returning superstars have to be temporary. Former superstars often come back after a few years of developing their skills elsewhere in hopes of another run in the biggest promotion in the business. This makes it easy for the booking team because most of the time the superstar is already a household name when they return. All the creative team has to do is plug them into a feud and not worry about building them up to be a certain character. Brock Lesnar is a good example of this. After exploring the world of football and mma, Lesnar returned to the WWE and was already a developed powerhouse heel.

Whether it's temporary or long term, I've listed five superstars that should come back to the promotion that made them, as well as a few possible feuds they could be involved in.

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Batista is rumored to make his return soon, and the WWE could definitely use a long term return from the Animal. I can think of a perfect scenario for his return. Ryback and John Cena's match at Extreme Rules will almost surely be ruined by The Shield. When the Shield attacks, I think Ryback will realize that he hates them more than he hates Cena and help fight them off. Cena and Ryback will still be outnumbered and be beaten down until suddenly Batista's music plays and he comes out to even the odds. This will set up a team that I believe will finally defeat the Shield. Then again a feud with Dolph Ziggler wouldn't be a bad option either. Everybody knows how good Batista and "Big Goldie" look together.

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Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam is a master of the mid-card. He's held a mid-card title a total of 11 times during his run in the WWE. If the WWE has a list of things that need fixing, mid-card title legitimacy better be at the top. I have never seen mid-card champions job more than Wade Barret and Antonio Cesaro have during their reign. Van Dam is the key to fixing this. When he was winning the titles, they actually meant something. Wrestlers actually tried to win the Intercontinental Championship. It wasn't just a title that they gave to anybody. It was a reward for the wrestlers that work harder than anybody and a sign that their future was bright. Now, the titles are given to wrestlers that job for wrestlers in the main event picture. If Rob Van Dam comes back this will all change. Hopefully, if he returns, they will unify the mid-card titles and hold a tournament like they did for the Undisputed Championship. If this happens, my money's on RVD.

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Goldust is an attitude era favorite. He had some of the most memorable promos ever. Whether he was reviewing movies, struggling with Tourette's or creeping other wrestlers out, my eyes were glued to the TV every time he was on. What would make his return even better is a feud with his brother, Cody Rhodes. This was hinted at the Royal Rumble, but I was disappointed that it never fully developed into a full blown feud. Maybe their dad, Dusty Rhodes could even get involved in the feud. If this doesn't happen, a reunion with Booker T would be sure to provide some hilarious promos. Maybe they could meet up at 7-11 again.

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Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy
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One of my favorite wrestlers as a kid was Jeff Hardy. His death defying stunts never ceased to amaze me. Give him a ladder and you had an amazing spot almost instantly. He thrived in the mid-card, but his second run in the WWE saw him ascend to main event status. He remains one of the most popular wrestlers in the business, and now that his personal problems seem to be under control, I think it's time for a return. Another feud with CM Punk would be sure to draw a crowd. He could also feud with one of the young high flyers like Kingston or Justin Gabriel. Of course, a pairing with my last hopeful return would be perfect...

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Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy
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What's Batman without Robin? Well, he's still Batman, but Robin is a good addition. If Jeff Hardy comes back, then Matt Hardy should definitely follow. The Hardy Boyz are one of the best tag teams of all time. The masters of the TLC tag match would help bring legitimacy back to the tag division. It's hard to believe the same company that used to have teams like the Dudley Boyz, the Road Warriors and the Brothers of Destruction on their roster have no dominant tag teams outside of Team Hell No. It's sad to see a division so prominent in wrestling history as diminished as it is today. Bringing the Hardy Boyz back would be the first step towards repairing the division. Who knows. Maybe a few more classic tag teams could return to challenge them.

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