Ric Flair to the WWE Would be a Huge Mistake

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of Ric Flair’s Official Facebook Page

You better believe it folks, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t E-Wrestling News), there are current negotiations going on between the Nature Boy Ric Flair and World Wrestling Entertainment. The last time we saw Flair in a ring, it was helping the Miz get over.

“Apparently, if he re-signs, WWE is interested in using Flair in a role where the company can use him for promotional purposes, as well as having him around to move new Flair-related merchandise,” the Wrestling Observer Newsletter read. “The only negative, as far as Flair’s side of the deal is concerned, is that the WWE wouldn’t want him associating himself with projects such as the North Carolina lottery, which is a simple gig that has earned ‘The Nature Boy’ a nice chunk of change.”

Don’t hate me if I call it a failure, because it was. He passed down his Figure-Four Leg Lock (the worst finisher all-time) to Miz, who was in desperate need of a change in character.

If Flair gets re-signed, then all hope in the WWE will be minimized yet again. There is absolutely NO reason to sign him back. The multi-inducted Hall of Fame wrestler has parted ways with the WWE before and we haven’t missed him for a single second.

Unless he comes back as a manager for a heel, then I don’t want any part of Naitsch’s antics. Judging by history, like I already mentioned, his stint with the Miz was horrible. I could barely watch. If you don’t believe me, here is the Miz and Flair dancing in the ring after a match on Raw.

Needless to say, I almost threw up watching. What are your thoughts on the matter Rant Sports fans? I think it would be very intelligent to have him be Ziggler‘s manager or an up and coming superstar’s mouthpiece.

Who would it be?

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