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Ryan Ball

Gifford, Kotb Not Happy With RAW Appearance?

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb had a shaky segment on Monday Night Raw this past week. Let's find out what they thought of it. Read More

Matt Forte Week 6 Projection

Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte should have another excellent week against the Atlanta Falcons. Read More

Idea to Merge WWE's Secondary Titles

Yes, it's fantasy booking, but the current wrestlers involved in the secondary title picture are the perfect guys to merge the titles and make them feel important again. Read More

Golden Tate Week 6 Fantasy Football Projection

With Calvin Johnson limited, the Detroit Lions' second option, Golden Tate, should continue putting up great numbers. Read More

Fleener's Fantasy Football Projection For Week 6

Indianapolis TE Colby Fleener not worth the bother to start Week 6. Read More