Wayne Rooney Being 'Injured' Is Nonsense

By Stowe Gregory
Wayne Rooney

As Wayne Rooney was left out of Manchester United‘s Community Shield victory over Wigan due to ‘injury’, it is confusing that he is still picked for England‘s friendly versus Scotland on Wednesday.

Yes, Rooney may well have been seen as unfit for Sunday and ready for Wednesday, but David Moyes himself has suggested Rooney will not be ready to start United’s Premier League campaign away at Swansea next weekend.

To me it seems that Rooney is simply not injured. He may have had a knock earlier in the summer, but the real reason he has been left off of United’s pre-season fixtures is due to his lack of commitment to the club and uncertainty in his future.

It’s a similar situation with Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez. All three of these players would prefer to leave. I’m surprised the media has made less of a fuss about Rooney’s inclusion in the England squad despite being seen as unfit for United. Roy Hodgson has stated Rooney will play a half in that Scotland game.

So why are we being told Rooney is injured? I sense it is United playing it safe and not making the fuss and noise about the situation like Liverpool have with Suarez. But it is slightly strange and personally ridiculous that we are meant to believe Rooney is honestly injured for United, but ready for England. Would United really let Rooney play for England if he was just recovering from injury?

I fail to believe it all and am sure that the real reason Rooney is not being selected is most likely due to the lack of commitment or time from Moyes given to him to think things over.


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