Super League: Fenerbahce Robs Bursaspor's Two Points

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Fenerbahce’s official Facebook page

Fenerbahce scored a late win earlier today, in a game that had both its ups and downs for both sides. Bursaspor scored in the 91st to equalize, but Fener’s center back, Egemen Korkmaz, scored even later when he hammered home the ball after it was deflected in front of him after a free-kick.

Both sides made a countless number of errors when it came to defending, opening up so many gaps for the attacking side, which forced the goal keepers to be on alert a bit more than they would have liked to. The defensive game was truly the only sour part of this game, as there weren’t too many injuries, the passing was there, both sides hustled, and the fans were in it from the start as they tried to push their boys to the win. Unfortunately, it was never going to be enough against a championship contender in Fener.

The defensive game in Turkey is not a good one, as we all know. It is almost as if the defenses and goal keepers are almost daring their opponents to attack their final third to try and score against them. This is not what any team or league in any part of the world should want or appear to want. This is a game that is sometimes won by the defensive performance by keeping a clean sheet or the opposing score as low as possible.

Fenerbahce was not undone by any means when Bursa scored in the 91st minute, as they automatically attacked form the resulting kick from the center of the park. Pierre Webo did end up dicing, as he was slightly pushed from behind and not hit by any means in the back of the head. That decision must have frustrated Bursa, and they were robbed after working extremely hard to fight for that much-needed equalizer.

Well, Turkish soccer is about rigged refs, so there you have it folks, another game ruined by authority.

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