Chelsea: David Luiz Would be Perfect Replacement in Defensive Midfield

By Brian Arnaud
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

When David Luiz was signed from Portuguese outfit Benfica, a lot of people weren’t expecting him to be such a crowd favorite. His personality and playfulness on the field is electrifying and over the few seasons he has spent at Chelsea F.C. he has shown strides of improvement. However one thing hasn’t change for the Brazilian international, defensive inconsistency. In big games, he seems to be focused and set on a mission to not let a single person step foot passed him, this also includes when he puts on the yellow jersey for Brazil. More often though, his inconsistency at the back becomes apparent.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville once called him a “Playstation Footballer,” as if he was controlled by a young kid playing a game. He’d forget his defensive duties and would take on runs as if he was a part of the attacking midfield, and by all means some of those runs have brought goals but a defender needs to stay at defense. He has the ability to tackle and win aerial battles, he also has a great vision, but his runs make it inconvenient for the team.

Although there is a solution, Roberto di Matteo in the 2012 season put David Luiz in a few games as a defensive midfielder and with great success. With Van Ginkel injured and Frank Lampard looking as if this could be his last season David Luiz could play in a holding role with ease. His vision makes him the perfect player to be behind a player like Eden Hazard, and his ability to defend can make him a good partner for Ramires when the opposing team attacks. Recent performances from him have shown that since Jose Mourinho took over he has improved and focus, but you can’t help but think “what if.” He’s also got quite an ability to take free kicks, and that’s always a bonus. We may not be seeing him as a holding midfielder anytime soon but it is certainly something to think about for the future.

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