Aaron Murray Better QB Than Johnny Manziel, Deserving of All-SEC Honors

For those of you pitching a fit about Aaron Murray being picked over Johnny Manziel as the All-SEC first-team quarterback, put a sock in it. There’s a reason why the coaches in college football’s most powerful conference picked Georgia‘s signal-caller over Texas A&M‘s water bug troublemaker: he’s better!

Yes, I’m aware that Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy last year, but that doesn’t mean anything. He had no competition whatsoever. Heck, Colin Klein and Manti Te’o were the other finalists, so you can’t tell me Manziel would have won the trophy had he played against guys like Robert Griffin and Tim Tebow.

Folks, Murray is the real deal and he’ll prove it this year when his Bulldogs win the national championship and the Aggies are trying to get Manziel to pay attention to the team instead of the alcohol and bimbos that are seemingly around him at every turn.

If you’re still in doubt, you’ll see what I mean when the Aggies are the biggest disappointment in college football this year while the Bulldogs are playing for the title. In four months, you’ll be out with the guys and someone will ask: who was that air-headed quarterback Texas A&M used to have? That’ll be about the same time Murray is hoisting the Coaches’ Trophy.