Baltimore Ravens Totally Jump the Gun, Give John Harbaugh Extension

John Harbaugh has reportedly reached a multi-million dollar deal with the Baltimore Ravens that will cement him as the club’s head coach until at least 2017.

In all reality, the Ravens jumped the gun by giving their head coach such a large contract. After all, the 2012 team was entirely a Ray-Lewis led bunch and although Harbaugh was technically the head coach, he was hardly the team’s fearless leader.

Prior to the Ravens’ historical late-season run, the city of Baltimore was displeased with its football team for must of the 2012 campaign. In fact, Harbaugh felt so much heat that he decided to fire long-time friend and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron with just three weeks left in the regular season! Sure, a Lombardi Trophy allowed for this move to go down as “bold” and “smart,” yet the true NFL fans know that firing someone in December is nothing but a sign of desperation.

Anyway, this extension is a perfect example of team falling in love with a guy and getting ahead of themselves; in essence, the Ravens are acting like a middle school girl, who has fallen in love with a boy after just one date.

Rather than wait for Harbaugh to prove his worth in these next two years, Baltimore has unnecessarily put itself in a rather uncomfortable position. Who knows how Harbaugh is going to control his team without emotional leaders like Lewis or Ed Reed on the sidelines? It’s very likely that the Ravens’ veteran-packed 2012 team overshadowed the coach’s inefficiencies.

The Ravens will soon regret this steadfast decision.

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