Trent Richardson Trade Impacts Fantasy Football Owners Far and Wide

Trent Richardson was traded by the Cleveland Browns to the Indianapolis Colts. While this seems strange to many, including me, there is no doubt that this trade will not only have an impact in the NFL, but also fantasy football.

Richardson brings power and reliable running to the Colts offense. This is an intriguing fantasy option because it opens up the Colts’ passing game. The presence of a stronger running game, gives the Colts an edge.

If you have QB Andrew Luck on your fantasy team, you can expect more points coming your way. The opposing defense will have to focus more on the running game than they did without Richardson.

On the Browns’ side, the offense now needs to focus more on passing. This could be good or bad for quarterback Brian Hoyer. Hoyer will now have more attempts at throwing the ball, but the defense can drop more men back into coverage making it more difficult for him to find an open target.

If you have the 49ers’ defense starting on your team, this Richardson trade may be a problem for you this week. Now that Indianapolis has a strong runner, the 49ers defense may give up more rushing yards than usual.

This trade has everyone confused and it will most definitely stir up fantasy this week.

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