New Political Ad Compares Michele Bachmann To Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt

Today marks the Iowa Caucus.  This event kicks off the beginning process of selecting presidential candidates.  After a hot start, Michele Bachmann has fallen in the palls like a ten ton boulder.  In desperate need of support, Bachmann supporters turned to a new ad, in which she is compared to Tim Tebow.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything now.  The Super PAC supporting her must be extremely desperate to invoke a Tebow comparison.  They comparison makes little sense and it reeks of desperation.

Bachmann needs a Tebow-like miracle to remain relevant in the Republican race.  If there is any hope of that happening, supporters better hope that she’s the Tebow of six weeks ago, not the Tebow that has looked awful the last few games.

Thanks to NBC Sports for the video.

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