Video: Peter Crouch Volley Is Soccer’s Goal Of The Year

I know very little about soccer, but I do know an impressive goal when I see one.  Stoke’s Peter Crouch may have just taken the mantle for top goal of the season.  Crouch was able to volley the ball to himself and hit a perfect strike for the 1-0 lead over Manchester City.

The skill and finesse needed to pull off a shot like this is just unheard of.  To me, that looks more difficult than a bicycle kick.  Both involve impeccable timing and a lot of skill.  The distance on the shot was also impressive.  It was no gimme goal.  Crouch hit a beautiful strike.

This one will be gracing all of the highlight shows near you for the entire weekend.  People may not like soccer highlights on SportsCenter, but you have to admit that this goal is one of the best highlights in any sport.  It’s better than a fast break dunk or an impressive catch on the football field.

I wouldn’t mind seeing that goal about 200 times over the next two days.  It’s that magical.