Video: Girls Soccer Player Faces Assault Charges After Punching Opponent

By Riley Schmitt

There is one thing that I learned from this video.  Do not ever make Annette McCullough angry.  She is a senior at Lewisville High School in Richburg, South Carolina and she’s now facing assault charges.  As you can see from the video, she took exception to a tackle and decided to resolve the issue by punching her opponent in the face.

McCullough is facing third degree assault and battery charges, which seem to make perfect sense.  That is an extreme amount of violence on the soccer pitch.  You don’t ever see things like that.  I would have no idea how to react if that happened during a game I was watching.

I’m not even sure that the tackle was that bad.  Sure, she faceplanted, but shake it off and go on to the next play.  Tackling your opponent and breaking out hammer fists is not the best way to resolve an issue.  I don’t see anyway that McCullough avoids pleading guilty to these charges.  Video never lies.

Thanks to the Big Lead for the video.

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