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Oregon Family Builds 1/3 Scale Fenway Park on Their Farm

Jim Maciariello and his son, Ben, had an idea of a way to pay tribute to Fenway Park on their farm in Drain, Oregon– building a 1/3 scale replica of the famous field being honored today for its 100th birthday today on their farm.

Complete with a mini-Green Monster, the Pesky Pole and and the triangle in center field, this nod to Field of Dreams and the Boston Red Sox has it all. The Maciarello’s put in all the legwork themselves, laying the seed for the grass, laid down the base-paths, and hand-painted the Monster.

The park, built on a total of 60 acres, cost the Maciarellos a total of $7,000.

Why you ask would this father and son duo take part in such a huge commitment?

Both men are huge Red Sox fans with Ben, 31, being the president of the Oregon Red Sox fan club, and Jim, 58, being a Boston native and life-long Red Sox fan.

Dubbed Fenway West by local friends and American Legion teams who occasionally play some whiffle ball on grounds, the field is a true homage to one of baseball’s greatest monuments– down to the most minute detail.

You have to appreciate fans who are so devoted to their teams and the history which makes them great that they are willing to devote time to this type of a project. It’s a labor of love that will probably never make the Maciariellos a single dollar, but a labor of love can often be the most rewarding no matter the monetary payoff.

It’s not always about money.

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