Video: Governor Chris Christie Bids “Good Riddance” to the New Jersey Nets

Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, one thing is for certain about New Jersey govornor, Chris Christie; he isn’t one to mince words, and he’s always good for a quote or two.

Earlier today, when asked at a press conference about the New Jersey Net’s imminent departure for Brooklyn, NY, Christie once again bluntly made his feelings known, bidding the team a not-so-heartwarming “good riddance.”

The governor says told the media that his message to the Nets is, to put it simply, “goodbye.”

He goes on to say that if the franchise wants to leave, then he certainly isn’t going to ask them to stay.  Christie states that, “there will be no tears shed on my part.”

In his farewell to the Nets, Christie claims that their soon-to-be former arena, the Prudential Center, is one of the most beautiful arenas in America, and feels that one day, because of the it, the city (Newark), and the incredible local fan support, perhaps another NBA team will one day look at relocating to New Jersey.

The Nets will pack up and head to to New York, officially becoming the Brooklyn Nets on April 30. It is also expected that they will announce a new logo and color scheme as well.

Though they captured two ABA titles in the 1970′s, the Nets have never won an NBA title, despite two Finals appearances. They are now in the midst of a 5-year streak of losing seasons.

After watching their team come so close in the early 2000′s yet falling once again into mediocrity, many Nets fans, like Christie, don’t seem too heartbroken to see them go.

The disgruntled fans’ message can be best summarized by the governor’s own, blunt words:

“Goodbye,” and ,”Good riddance.”



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