Leandro Barbosa Destroys Andres Nocioni With An Ankle Breaking Move

By Riley Schmitt


Leandro Barbosa tried his best to push Brazil past Argentina but it was not enough to advance any farther in the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Barbosa did have one great moment though.  He absolutely shattered the poor ankles of Andres Nocioni on a crossover.  Don’t worry, Barbosa canned the open three.

You are not going to find many people that like Nocioni so a lot of people are going to enjoy this play.  He simply was destroyed by that step back crossover.  Leandro Barbosa could be a very good professional player but there are some things that he simply does not do well.  However, you never have to worry about his scoring ability.  If you can make plays like this, you will make some money.

It was all for naught as Brazil just did not have enough firepower to take down Argentina.  They made it close in the fourth quarter but they did not have the skill that Argentina had.  It was a good fight but they just ran into a team that had better players.

Although the games are over for Brazil basketball, they can always look back on this nasty crossover from Leandro Barbosa as a great memento from the games.  It is rare that a professional player gets his ankles broken that badly by a move.  Noch is a pretty decent defender so it was not some scrub that went flying.  It may not have impacted the final outcome of the game but it did look fairly awesome.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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