Usain Bolt Takes Shot At Carl Lewis After Winning 200 Meter Final

Usain Bolt is probably the fastest man that has ever run.  The Jamacian brought home another gold medal in the 200 meter to add to his Olympic record in the 100 meter event earlier this Olympics.  At a post race press conference, Bolt took a shot at Carl Lewis.

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This comes as a shock to me, as I did not know that there was tensions between the two.  Those are very powerful words from Usain Bolt and he seems to stand by them.  I wonder when Lewis plans to respond to this stuff.  It may not seem like a big deal but I have the feeling this gets a lot of play later in the week.

Usain Bolt is a great sprinter but this is something that will make people question him.  Bolt is confident in his skills but sometimes he borders on pure arrogance.  He could own every record in the book if he would not pull up at the end of races.  That would be so much fun to watch as Bolt tries to break records but he is fine with just winning.

Bolt believes that Lewis has no reason to talk but I bet that Lewis will use this as a way to take a shot at Bolt.  It is going to be a vicious cycle, especially with the media coverage the way it is these days.  If you say something, there is no taking it back.  Everything is recorded but Bolt seems to understand that with this.

This might detract from the dominance that Usain Bolt has shown at the Olympics.  Instead of focusing on how great he is at his sport, everyone will now focus on this shot at Carl Lewis.  Not exactly a great PR move, but it should prove to be interesting.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.