Vernon Davis TD Celebration Fail: Rejected By Cross Bar

By Jeff Shull

It appears we are having an awesome day for video worthy posts: Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers just scored a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers, and like he’s probably done 100 times before (I’m thinking of all the opportunities, like in practice and such), he went to dunk the football over the cross bar on the field goal. Unfortunately this time he was rejected, and subsequently completely embarrassed.

It was not the only hilarious touchdown celebration fail of the weekend. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski tried to do his typical Gronk spike, but saw the ball slip lamely out of his hands in the process.

Here at Rant Sports we like to look at the lighter side of sports as much as we can, and these fails certainly fall under that category.

It has to be even more embarrassing given the off-the-charts athletic ability Davis possesses. This is the same guy who, despite weighing 253 pounds, ran a 4.38 40 and jumped 42 inches at the combine. For all intents and purposes, he is one of the best athletes to ever play in the NFL, pound-for-pound.

The fact that NFL players can look human from time to time also makes these videos that much more enjoyable to watch. Keep em comin’ fellas.


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