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Daily Rant: Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler Shouldn’t Have Trash Talked Green Bay Packers Secondary

Prior to Thursday’s game, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler called out the secondary of the Green Bay Packers—wishing them “good luck” against the numerous skilled players on the Bears’ offense. If Thursday proved anything, it’s how much an individual can regret trash talking when they fail to back it up on the football field.

The Packers had their way with Cutler after recording seven sacks (3.5 from Clay Matthews) and four interceptions on the Bears quarterback as he faced constant pressure throughout the game. It’s understandable for Cutler to feel confident heading into Thursday’s game considering how terrible Green Bay’s defense was in 2011 and they had no answers for the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1, but Cutler should have thought twice before calling out a NFC North opponent.

Everybody knows how intense rivalries are and since the Bears and Packers arguably have the best rivalry in the NFL—you knew the intensity would be on a whole new level for this game. Plus, Cutler has a history of struggling at Lambeau Field over his first two career games in Green Bay—so he should have taken that into consideration as well before talking trash to his opponents.

It’s no surprise to see Cutler express his frustrations during and after the game, but the unnecessary trash talking makes things even worse for him. Then again, knowing the type of player Cutler is, it really wouldn’t be a surprise if he decided to talk up some trash once again when these two teams meet later in the regular season.

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