New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski Messes Up Touchdown Celebration

By Riley Schmitt

Rob Gronkowski might be one of the best people to ever play in the NFL if you factor in personality.  The party boy of the New England Patriots loves scoring touchdowns and he loves his partying.  The summer of Gronk had all of us hooked and it looks like it hasn’t stopped his TD scoring prowess.  However, he might want to fine tune his spike celebration.

Gronk certainly looked upset with himself after messing up his patented celebration.  I would be too if I was him.  It is a fairly easy thing to do, but just dropped the ball.  Angry Gronk will probably take this out on the rest of the league.  Expect a lot more chances for him to do this over and over again this season.

There have already been some amazing highlights from this first day of football, but this might be the biggest fail video so far.  I am pretty sure that not many people can screw up spiking a football like that.  There is a bright side to the fail, though.  At least Gronk didn’t whip the ball into the ground and have it come back up and hit him.  That would have been even more embarrassing for everyone involved.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of some sort of Gronk weakness.  He is one of the guys in the league that makes football a lot more fun to watch.  When Gronk is doing his best Gronking, we all benefit.  Unless you are trying to cover him.  Then you need a lot of luck.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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