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Eva Longoria Confirms That She Is Dating New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

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So one of the biggest sports gossip stories has involved Eva Longoria and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Many people have been wondering if the two are dating. They have been spotted all over together and on Thursday, Longoria finally confirmed that the two have decided to become a couple.

So if you look at it, it has not been that bad of a week for Sanchez.  He established himself as the starting quarterback and it gets confirmed that he is dating Longoria.  The only way to improve this week is if he wins the lottery or wins a guaranteed Super Bowl trip.  Now that would be a week you could phone home about.

We will see if this impacts the play of Sanchez.  Remember, Longoria’s ex Tony Parker won two titles while dating her.  I can’t say that there is going to be a correlation between winning and dating her, but it might not hurt to look into.  I am sure that Jets fans hope she is the lucky charm to lead the team back to the promised land.

Although the Jets have had a good week, they are still going to need to show something else.  Their first game was not exactly against tough competition.  This week they face a good opponent and all eyes will be on Sanchez and the offense once again.  If he struggles, all sorts of questions will be raised.  Hopefully for him and his new girlfriend, they will not involve his relationship.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.