Atlantic High Unveils Awesome Uniforms

By Ryan Gaydos
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There have definitely been some crazy cool football uniforms but nothing will ever compare to Atlantic High School (Florida) football’s new uniforms.

First discovered by Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, this team’s uniform give us a dark green jersey in combination with a neon, glow-in-the-dark stripe running from the left arm all the way down to the left leg. Even the left cleat that the player wears will be neon green. This has now made Atlantic High School famous for something and as far as I think, something that you would want to be famous for.

There have been worse jerseys in recent history at the pro and college level that have been incredibly worse. Need I remind everyone what the Maryland Terrapin football program unveiled to us last season. It was like someone pasted the Maryland flag onto the team’s jersey. Those were horrendous.

Even in Major League Baseball there have been ugly jerseys like the Houston Astros‘ blue, white and orange uniforms in the 1980s and the ugly Oakland Athletics‘ jersey from the 80s. I think those are way worse than what Atlantic High School is presenting to its fans.

Is this really the worse thing that could happen to the school or its players. It is free publicity for everyone involved. The uniforms are a crazy fashion statement that have caught my I and it seems like I could be the only one that enjoys them. Nonetheless the uniforms will forever be remembered and I like it.

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