Jacoby Jones Ties NFL Record With 108 Yard Kickoff Return For Touchdown

By Riley Schmitt



Jacoby Jones has been one of the most frustrating wideouts to watch in my mind.  He has all the talent to succeed at the NFL level but he never really put it together.  It looks like that is changing this year, as Jones is playing great for the Baltimore Ravens.  On Sunday, he entered the record books with a 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.


This is the type of play that makes Jones so frustrating.  He can break plays like this and then he ends up disappearing for multiple games.  If he can get everything figured out, he is a guy that can be a very solid number two wideout.  If not, he will continue to frustrate people.

By the way, the dance at the end of this touchdown was not one of the better efforts that I have seen.  It seemed too sloppy but I guess I give Jones props for busting out a dance.

Back to the kick return.  Jones has breakaway speed and there was no chance that he was going to get caught on this play.  I do enjoy the kicker trying to keep up with him but it was a pretty moot point.  You are a kicker.  You are probably not going to run down a wide receiver on a kick return.  Good job, good effort though.

Congrats to Jones on his shiny NFL record.  He is not the only person to have this record but his name is going to be in the books forever.


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