Brandon Rash Posterizes Willie Cauley-Stein

By Riley Schmitt

Brandon Rash is just your average Division III basketball player. However, he had a moment that will last a lifetime. On Monday night, he managed to dunk all over Willie Cauley-Stein, a guy who happens to play at Kentucky. Big moment if you ask me.

I would honestly argue the best part about this video is the school that Rash plays for.  He is a forward for Transylvania.  I can not believe that is a school but I am not going to complain.  Some people may not think this is an overly great dunk, but a big guy should not get dunked on like that.

I think this might be the low point for Cauley-Stein this year.  I mean, he is going to get dunked on more than once, but this is a play that you would never dream of seeing.  D3 guys just do not do this to players at the higher levels of college basketball.  It just does not happen that way.

You will see this play all over the highlight shows for the next few days.  The fact that a D3 guy is going to have a top play on shows like SportsCenter is just amazing.  I bet this play is going to make Rash’s life.  No matter what happens, he has this play to fall back on.

College basketball is staring us right in the face.  The real games are about to begin, so more posters will be coming down the line.  Maybe one can end up toping this.

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