Donovan McNabb Chimes in on Aaron Hernandez With Another Ridiculous Twitter Post

By Dan Parzych
Donovan McNabb
(Brace Hemmelgarn/USA Today Sports)

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb may go down as one of the greatest players in franchise history, but his life as a former athlete trying to make it in broadcasting is questionable.

Don’t think so? Just look at what McNabb had to say about the whole investigation surrounding former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.


For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last two days, Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder along with five gun-related charges on Wednesday in connection to the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. From text messages sent from Lloyd’s phone shortly before his death to the destruction of Hernandez’s cell phone and home security system, things aren’t looking good for the former Patriots tight end and it’s safe to say his career in the NFL is basically over.

In other words–for McNabb to drop a comment about how this could be the end of Hernandez’s NFL career is just flat-out ridiculous.

This isn’t the first time McNabb has been criticized for his idiotic comments, but this is another one of those situations where fans are left shaking their heads wondering what on earth is the former quarterback thinking. Somebody needs to teach McNabb a thing or two about thinking before he speaks because once again–he’s the laughing stock of the NFL world thanks to this post he posted on Twitter.

Come on Donovan–think twice before posting these types of messages on social media to avoid criticism in articles like this.

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