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Analyzing Team No. 9 in 2012 Fantasy Football PPR League Draft

The 2012 Fantasy Football season is pretty much under way or your draft is just around the corner. Here is a look at the team I drafted in my league, for which I am the commissioner and have ran for about 14 years now. It is a 10-team PPR redraft league. All positional players get a point per reception and 6 points for a touchdown.

We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, and 2 Flex RB/WR/TE.

I had the 9th pick and it is a snake draft so I picked 9th in every odd-numbered round and 2nd in every even-numbered round.

1st Round – WR Calvin Johnson – The top tier QBs and RBs were gone so why not go with the best WR in the game in a PPR league?

2nd Round  - RB Darren McFadden – Might as well wait a while for a QB now because there is not much difference between Tony Romo and Jay Cutler, who I can get much later. Chris Johnson was gone, Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out, Ryan Matthews is hurt, so it was between McFadden, Matt Forte, and Demarco Murray. McFadden may be the best in the NFL during the games that he plays. Hopefully he will finally play them all.

3rd Round – RB Ryan Matthews – He’s only expected to miss two games. I know he gets hurt a lot, but I had to take a shot here. This guy was going in the first round of many drafts before he got hurt and is only expected to miss 4-6 weeks. If that’s all the time he misses, this will be a steal.

4th Round – RB Trent Richardson – I know, another RB, but every time it came to me there were plenty of QBs left, the better TEs were gone, and there would be a starting RB staring at me that I couldn’t pass up for the WRs that were left on the board. Richardson will get a lot of work, catch passes, and get the goal line carries. Can’t beat that as a No. 3 RB.

5th Round – RB Fred Jackson – See Richardson above. No. 3/4 RB.

6th Round – WR Antonio Brown – Same story; there were plenty of QBs I liked left, TEs were gone, but this time it had to be a WR and I like Brown as a possible top 20 WR. I like him more than Mike Wallace even if he wasn’t holding out. I think Ben Roethlisberger does, too.

7th Round – WR Percy Harvin – See Brown above. Very happy to have Harvin as a No. 2/3 WR in a PPR league.

8th Round – QB Eli Manning – The left over QBs were starting to go. Manning threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns last year, so I can’t go wrong with him in the 8th round. I feel he could easily be a top 7 QB with potential for top 5.

9th Round – RB Roy Helu – I know it’s another RB, but I couldn’t pass and the possibility of Helu getting the majority of the carries and a ton of receptions… 1,000 yards, 60 receptions for 400+ yards, and 8 touchdowns is a possibility. If he gets close to that then he’s a huge steal in round 9 as a No. 5 RB….Trade Bait.

10th Round – QB Jay Cutler – Cutler was a top 5 QB for a year or two. What this year has in common with those years is WR Brandon Marshall and the QB coach he had when he was in Denver with Marshall. Possible top 7 or top 5 QB.

11th Round – TE Tony Gonzalez – 4th-ranked TE last year. 80 receptions, 875 yards, and 7 touchdowns. The Atlanta Falcons are supposed to throw more this year.

12th Round – WR Kenny Britt – Big risk from injuries and possible suspension, but big reward if he plays.

13th Round – TE Jared Cook –  If he plays like the team acts thinks he can, then he may be better than Gonzo and close to top 5 TE.

14th Round – DEF Seattle Seahawks - They play in a division that doesn’t put up a lot of points or yards and they drafted a ton of potential sack masters.

15th Round – K Matt Bryant – Year two for Matt Ryan with Julio Jones and Roddy White should mean lots of points and FG tries.


I feel that overall I have a great team with a lot of potential. The X-factor for me is going to be whether or not one of my QBs can play like an elite QB, which I feel at least one of them will. The same thing at TE; I need one of them to step up. Gonzo was the 4th-ranked TE last season so I felt that I got great value for him in the 11th round. I need Cook to become the TE that the Tennessee Titans say that he is.

Injuries are my other concern. Matthews is already hurt and may miss the first two or three games. McFadden stays hurt, Jackson got hurt last season, and Richardson has started his career getting his knee scoped.

Britt is a big hit or miss. He will be coming off multiple knee surgeries and a possible suspension. He may miss 4-6 games, but if he returns and plays up to his potential he will be a steal in the 12th round.


My potential starting lineup if everyone was healthy would be…

QB Manning – Sometimes Cutler, depending on matchups.

RB McFadden

RB Matthews – Jackson until Matthews returns.

WR Johnson

WR Harvin

TE Gonzo

DEF Seattle

K Bryant


Please rant this article by telling me your opinions, thoughts, and advice.


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