Chris Polk Scouting Report

Chris Polk Running Back Washington #1 Junior Redshirt


Physical Ability: Chris Polk is very physical for a rusher out of the backfield.

Durability: Polk is a junior redshirt who has started 3 straight seasons at Washington.

Size: Polk is 6 foot 222 pounds.  Polk has the size that you look for when evaluating a running back.

Learning Rate: Polk can learn new plays right away in an NFL offense.  He has experience playing in a pro style offense at Washington.

Football IQ: Polk is a smart player with high character.  He’s intelligent, relentless, and determined to succeed.

Awareness: Chris Polk has outstanding awareness and excellent field vision for a running back.

Intangibles: Chris Polk has a skill set of intangibles when it comes to being a complete NFL back.  As usual I break down each intangible individually below the intangibles section.

Ball Carrier Vision: Polk’s ball carrier vision may be the best among any running back in this draft.

Speed: Polk has the explosive speed to make defenders miss.  He could run a 4.3 40 time in the 2012 NFL Combine.  Teammates like what they have seen from Chris Polk when it comes to running a 40 time.

Agility: Polk displays amazing burst and that cut back ability to make defenders miss.  This makes Polk very agile.

Breaks Tackles: Chris Polk finds ways to break tackles as a power runner or an elusive runner.

Elusiveness: Like I say earlier Polk has cut back ability to make defenders miss.  Polk has the elusiveness out of the backfield to make defenders miss.

Power: Chris Polk has the ability to be utilized as a power back with his blend of size and speed.

Stiff Arm Ability: Chris Polk uses his stiff arm skills to make defenders miss on plays.  By doing this he hopes to get by the defender to make a big play.

Spinning Ability: Polk spins well.  Defenders have a tendency to fail to tackle Polk when he displays his elusiveness.

Juking: Chris Polk displays excellent juking ability showing that he can make defenders miss with his elusiveness.

Trucking: Polk can truck defenders well with his fram at running back.

Carries: Polk gives you 25 to 30 carries a game.  Some games he can get 100 rushing yards on 15 carries.

Workhorse: Polk can be used as a workhorse getting 200 carries a year.  Polk has been consistent rushing for 1,000 rushing yards 3 straight seasons.

Catches Out of the Backfield: Polk is very good when catching out of the backfield.

Makes Plays Despite Having Weak Supporting Cast on the Offensive Line: One thing I love about Polk is that he makes plays happen even though Washington has one of the weakest offensive lines in college football.

Production: Polk has provided amazing production with 3 straight 1,000 rushing yard seasons.  Polk had a 100 rushing yard game against a top 10 run defense in Stanford.

Potential: Polk has the potential to be a pro bowl caliber running back on Sunday’s.



My thoughts on Chris Polk

I really like the consistency I see from Chris Polk.  Most pundits have Polk graded out as a 2nd round pick.

I moved Polk up to the first round of my mock after the Washington VS Stanford game.  After Polk struggled against USC and Oregon I moved him back down to the 2nd round.

Polk is one of the most complete backs in the NCAA right now who could make the 2012 NFL Draft much more interesting if he declares.  If given the choice between Chris Polk and Lamar Miller who are the 2 best underclassmen besides Trent Richardson and Montee Ball I take Polk without thinking twice about it.

Polk has remained productive with a sub par offensive line.  Lamar Miller struggled against Florida state, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia Tech, and South Florida as he failed to rush for 100 yards in those 5 contests despite having the better offensive line than Chris Polk.