Ryan Tannehill Scouting Report

Biography Ryan Tannehill Quarterback Texas A&M #17 Senior Redshirt


Arm Strength: Tannehill’s arm strength is good enough to make the necessary throws.  Tannehill can make necessary throws.  I don’t think his arm is good enough to be used on a vertical offense.  Jeff Fuller and Ryan Swope make deep plays which make Tannehill’s vertical passing game what it is.

Durability: Tannehill is a very tough quarterback who has proven he can stay healthy.

Size: Tannehill is 6 foot 4 222 pounds.

Learning Rate: Learns new plays for different offensive schemes very fast.

Intangibles: Tannehill has the intangibles and proper footwork to get drafted in the first two rounds if he impresses people at the Senior Bowl.

Scrambler: Tannehill can be an effective scrambler when he moves out of the pocket.

Footwork: Tannehill’s success on 1 step, 3 step, 5 step, and 7 step drops is mainly due to his amazing foowork.  His progressions on these throws still need some work.

Production: Tannehill has quality, but not elite production.  The reason his production isn’t elite yet is because Texas A&M blows second half leads.

Potential: Ryan Tannehill has potential to contribute as a starter.  I do not see a pro bowl quarterback with Tannehill. I could see him starting as a backup and developing into a starter over time with the proper coaching.


Holds Onto The Ball Too Long: Tannehill holds onto the ball too long sometimes.

Football IQ: Tannehill is sharp.  He needs more experience playing quarterback to improve his football IQ.  He was a wide receiver for the good majority of his career before switching to quarterback.

Awareness: Tannehill’s field vision needs to improve.  I want to see more consistency from Tannehill when it comes to decision making.

Accuracy: Ryan Tannehill has inconsistent accuracy.  He needs to show that he can be more consistent when it comes to making accurate passes.  I feel like his supporting cast with Fuller, Swope, the 2 2013 prospects at offensive tackle, and A&M’s backfield has bailed Tannehill out on some plays.

Mechanics: Ryan Tannehill needs to improve his mechanics as a quarterback.  I cannot see his mechanics translating at this point.

Has a Very Strong Supporting Cast Around Him: Ryan Tannehill appears like a first round pick at times due to a strong supporting cast.  The key word is appears because I feel like his supporting cast does not get enough credit for their hard work as well.  Robert Griffin III has a much weaker supporting cast and played much better VS Oklahoma’s defense with 4 NFL prospects than Tannehill did.

Needs to Improve Progressions: One thing Tannehill has to improve is his ability to digest progressions.

Blows Key Opportunities In the 4th Quarter: Tannehill has blown key chances in the 4th quarter on multiple occasions to put opponents away.  Tannehill blew A&M’s leads against Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and Missouri.  This Tannehill’s first full year as a starter so maybe I’m being too harsh on him.

Doesn’t seem to have the Clutch Factor Yet: Tannehill is not a clutch quarterback.  He seems like a game manager at best right now.

My thoughts on Ryan Tannehill

There are moments when Tannehill plays like a late first rounder and moments where he plays so poorly you wonder if he should even be a day 2 pick.  Like Landry Jones, I could see Ryan Tannehill being a polarizing figure because different teams will have different impressions on how good Tannehill can become when watching the game tape.  When stacking him up against other players like Nick Foles Tannehill appears to be the safer pick at this point.