NBA Commissioner David Stern Expects Grueling Decision On Sacramento Kings

By John Raffel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The most intriguing question in the NBA right now, besides who will emerge as world champion, seems to be whether the Sacramento Kings are staying or going.

Consensus has been all along that the Kings are a goner. There remains a flicker of hope with investment groups trying to keep the franchise in Sacramento.

Regardless, David Stern, NBA commissioner, realizes it’s one of the most challenging decisions the NBA owners will have to make in terms of relocation.

Teams seem to relocate in the NBA more frequently than in the other major sport. That’s not something Stern is proud of, but he also realizes having healthy franchises means having a healthy league.

Published reports over the weekend indicated the Seattle investors, head by Chris Hansen, wanting to buy the Kings have raised their offer. A Sacramento investment group has voted to match Hansen’s original offer to buy the team.

The bidding war is on. Stern originally indicated that if the Kings had a new owner matching Hansen’s offer, Sacramento had a chance to keep the team.

But no, Sacramento and Seattle investors seem to be in a bidding war.

Software tycoon Vivek Ranadive heads the Sacramento group. It will come down to which city can convince the NBA owners they have the most credible arena plan.

When it comes to whether or not a franchise stays, the plans for an arena and the team’s money-making capacities always take No. 1 priority. It would appear Seattle has the edge. But Sacramento, trying to make a fourth-quarter rally, isn’t done yet. Both cities, however, really seem set on winning this battle.

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