Markel Brown Leads The Oklahoma State Cowboys To A Blowout Victory Over Texas Tech

By John Hayden
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma State Cowboys traveled to Lubbock to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders and went home with an impressive win. This victory moves them up with a tie for first place  in the Big 12 along with Kansas and Kansas State. This team has really started to find its groove at just the right time.

When the Cowboys got the lead, they did what most teams do.

Cowboys coach Travis Ford said it like this, “We kept extending the lead because we shared the ball.”

Tonight, they did a great job at doing that by giving out 19 assists, and Markel Brown was one of the participants of those assists. According to Red Raider head coach Chris Walker, Brown first half play “the game of his life.”

By the time Brown had five three-pointers, the Red Raiders had only four field goals. Brown’s three-point stroke is one of the best in the conference. He was seven-of-eight from beyond the arc, and also played aggressively on the defensive side of the ball.

Brown is also a very humble player, giving credit to his teammates for the game he had tonight.  “Just finding me in open spots and running the floor, in transition, guys looking up finding me, and me just shooting it with confidence.” This confidence he has wears off on his teammates, who are playing very impressively right now.

These Cowboys look like a threat to take the Big 12 crown away from Kansas this year. This game was their sixth-straight victory and they only have seven games left till the Big 12 tourney. If they keep playing with confidence, passion and consistency, they will be a team to be reckoned with when March comes.

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