The K-State Mask Brings You His Post-Game Impressions For Week 2

By Kris Hughes


If it’s the last thing I do, I’m bound and determined to make the K-State Mask an internet celebrity. Something tells me, though,  if he continues to crank out comedy gold like he has the last two weeks he won’t be needing my help.

The Mask is a Kansas State Wildcats superfan who has his own unique takes prior to and following each game from his favorite squad. This week he took to the, em, open waters outside the Little Apple to give us his impressions on the K-State thrashing of the Miami Hurricanes:

He was waiting on the hurricane, and not even a spring mist.

The Mask covered timely bleeding, being scared s***less by Kason Hostrup, Jon Hubert’s love of cookies, and Arthur Brown‘s love for his fictitious sister. Beyond that, he elaborates on the stupidity of the green North Texas Meen Green‘s mascot– after all, an eagle should be brown or black.


I mean, you just can’t write this stuff. The low-budget quality, interjections from his friends, and ironically cheesy music is making for the best viral video stock of the early 2012 college football season.

Keep at ’em Mask– with your inspiration the Wildcats are sure to succeed. I’m sure Bill Snyder appreciates your efforts, whether or not you’ll actually hear that directly from him.

With your increasing Internet celebrity, and my efforts, however, we’ll get ya there.


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