83-Year-Old Grandma does Keg Stand before LSU Game

By Renae Juska




A few weeks ago we witnessed the Hawkeye grandma chugging a beer bong; well now it’s time to step up the competition and bring on the keg. This week we find an 83-year old LSU grandma performing a keg stand.

She didn’t just make it a quick one either, her keg stand lasted about 11 seconds, which is a comparable time to a large number of college kids.


Even the description of the video recognizes her accomplishment,  “She’s one of the nicest, sweetest, most caring, and giving people you will ever meet. And at 83 years old, she can still party harder than some college kids.” It’s sadly true, I guarantee you most college aged girls could not hold an 11-second keg stand.

This gets even better though, after reading the title “Keg Stand Granny at it again,” it comes to realization that she has done this before. It didn’t take long to find a video of this same grandma doing a keg stand last year and you can hear them shouting her name in the background once again.


I’m not sure exactly what she did over the last year to improve her keg stand, but this year’s attempt was considerably better, and with a lot less spillage. This grandma clearly knows how to have a good time and continues her youthfulness.

The SEC teams are the highest ranked and have the most loyal fans, this woman proves that not once, but twice. If I am in good enough shape to have the ability to complete a keg stand at the age of 83, I’d say I lived a pretty good life.

So where have all the crazy videos of college students gone? They don’t seem to be hanging around too often but videos of our elders have been much more enjoyable this football season.

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