The NCAA Must Hold Coaches Accountable

By Corey Elliot
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports Images

I’m curious as to when the NCAA is going to start doing something about coaches leaving programs just before sanctions leave a program in shambles.

Pete Carroll left USC for the NFL at such a coincidentally, perfect time it is almost humorous. Now, to add to the list, former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is hanging out with his hands clean coaching in the NFL while the Ducks are sitting out in Eugene, OR like, well, sitting ducks.

The school has offered their self-imposed punishment, but it won’t surprise me if the almighty and powerful decides it isn’t enough for the accused violations.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but at this point what else is there to do? Ignore the blatant lop-sided double standard that is the rules for coaches compared to rules for players? Aside from college athletes inability to see any sort of income or revenue from the income and revenue he or she creates for their respective school, I have never been able to understand how a student-athlete can decide he no longer wants to play somewhere yet he has to sit out a year while a head coach can simply bail on his program and begin coaching the next season.

All I know is this, regardless of the outcome that Oregon football awaits it doesn’t matter. This is an epidemic of sorts and it needs to be addressed with as much consideration as a student-athlete who accepted cream cheese on his or her bagel is addressed.

Maybe the NCAA should investigate their ways and themselves for a few and realize that coaches like Carroll and Kelly are awful examples of leaders and they should be punished for essentially leaving a school that they knew was going under due to mistakes and violations that occurred on their watch.

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