Did the Madden Curse Strike Calvin Johnson?

By Tina Musial




It wasn’t mentioned much in the afternoon yesterday, but the media did notice Calvin Johnson wasn’t practicing for the Detroit Lions. At first, this seemed like no big deal. Last year, Johnson was regularly given a day off during the week where he attended practice, but did not dress or actively practice. There were a few whispers going around, asking where Johnson was. But then there weren’t any ready answers coming forth.

Until later in the afternoon. Johnson was listed as having a foot injury. What? He didn’t get hurt in the game, or at least not an injury that stopped the game and fans witnessed. Did he get hurt in practice? What happened?

The MADDEN Curse? Ack! It’s time to go running for the hills and screaming if you are a Lions fans. Really? Is Johnson injured?

The Lions head office is only stating he has a foot injury and nothing else. There are no details on what type of injury or how severe it is. Will he practice on Thursday? Will he be able to play on Sunday?

Stay tuned…more will be known once the media is allowed in to the afternoon session of practice on Thursday. And you can guarantee there will be a lot more media paying attention to see if he is dressed and actively practicing. Without Johnson in the lineup, it could weaken the scoring possibilities of the offense. And the offense needs every bit of help it can receive against a very powerful San Francisco 49ers team, especially if they want to prove themselves to be worthy of a playoff spot this season.

Is the Madden Curse for real? The 49ers will be very interested to find out some answers too…

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