Tim Tebow Petition Laughable at Best, Pitiful At Worst

By Greg Bradshaw
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Recently released quarterback Tim Tebow has been the focus of much attention from NFL fans. Tebow’s once promising NFL career, which began as a member of the Denver Broncos, had some Broncos’ fans comparing him to the franchise’s greatest quarterback, Hall of Famer John Elway. After things fizzled out for Tebow in Denver, he was traded to the New York Jets for a fresh start.

That fresh start never materialized for Tebow, who was released by the Jets April 29th after one lackluster season in New York. Rabid Tebow fans (or “Tebownians”, as I like to call them), have now taken to sending a petition to none other than President Barack Obama to urge the Jacksonville Jaguars’ front office to sign Tebow, who grew up in Jacksonville.

I can understand these fans’ admiration for Tebow. He seems like a likable man who serves as a hero of some sort to them. After a storied career at the University of Florida, Tebow seemed destined for NFL greatness. Putting political affiliations aside, I would assume that urging and NFL team to sign Tebow does not rank higher on the priority list than world peace, the economy, and the gun control debate for the President of the United States.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

But I digress.  The fact that some fans would spend time to construct a petition for an NFL team to sign someone is beyond my comprehension. Why are these fans going to these lengths to get Tebow back into the league? Are they on his payroll?  Or are these fans living precariously through Tebow? Whatever the reason, I doubt that the Jaguars, or any other NFL team, predicate their daily operations on their fans’ every whim. If they did, the teams would go out of business quick.

In defense of Tebow, the media circus that surrounds him isn’t his creation. He’s just a guy that wants another shot at being an NFL quarterback. I believe Tebow will get that shot at quarterback in the NFL.  Unfortunately, the petition to get him back into the NFL is indicative of the media circus that is Tim Tebow. We can only hope that if Tebow returns to the NFL, it’s because his skills are needed by an NFL team, not because of a petition that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.


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