Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick's Brother Marcus Inflames Already Bad Situation By Putting Bounty On Riley Cooper

By Marilee Gallagher
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick after he served time in jail for dog fighting, the team knew they might have to deal with backlash and criticism. What they probably weren’t aware of however was that in signing Vick, Philadelphia would also be subject to the stupidity and ill-advised comments of Michael’s younger brother Marcus.

Marcus, a former college player, has caused the Eagles more trouble and has forced them to do more damage control than Michael has during his four-year tenure with the team.

The latest of these indiscretions, as they tend to do with pro athletes these days, come via Twitter. And while I am in no way condoning Riley Cooper‘s own racist slur made at a concert he attended, Vick, who made a very cruel gay slur toward former Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes, certainly has no right to order a bounty on Cooper.

As reported on USA Today, Marcus Vick tweeted this after Cooper’s racial comments were made public:

“Hey I’m putting a bounty on Riley’s head. 1k to the first Free Safety or Strong safety that lights his [expletive] up! Wake him up please…..”

For the Eagles, Cooper’s comments are bad enough. They have and will continue to bring nothing but bad publicity but now, they are not going to go away any easier. The team properly handled the situation. Cooper gave what felt like an honest and heartfelt apology, Jeffrey Lurie, Eagles’ owner, released a statement and both the Eagles and NFL are considering discipline.

It was handled and over with. Cooper would have had to deal with his teammates and fans around the league, but the media frenzy would have faded. Now, however, because Marcus decided to make a comment he had absolutely no business making, the Eagles are going to have even more bad PR to handle.

I’m sure Michael isn’t happy with Cooper’s comments, but of all people to be able to forgive someone for making a mistake, it would be him. And considering that Vick has already told reporters that he has accepted Cooper’s apology to the team, there really is no discussion left to be had.

Even if he was offended by the comments, I highly doubt he is okay with his brother telling defenders to go after his receiver — especially since Jeremy Maclin is out for the season, Vick is going to need Cooper out there but once again, Michael is going to have to answer for Marcus’ idiocy.

I certainly hope Cooper will get disciplined, but this is not the way to do it. As for Marcus, it might be time for someone to shut down his Twitter account indefinitely.

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