Tim Tebow’s Path To NFL Starting Quarteback Job May Run Through Canada

By Dustin Manko
Tim Tebow
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Right now, as we speak, fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are “rallying” in an effort to convince the Jags management that they need to sign Tim Tebow. While I agree with Will Reeve that it would be a good move from a business perspective, Tebow has shown that he is close, but not ready, to lead an NFL team. The Jags management doesn’t seem to be interested at this point in bringing him in, but we know that NFL owners love money, so maybe the rally might give them at least a reason to listen.

Tebow has had an interesting professional career to say the least. Not many Heisman winners get selected 25th overall, win a playoff game, get traded, and then get cut. Not many players are as polarizing as Tebow. Not many professional athletes choose to use their platform to preach their beliefs like Tebow.

Recently Tebow was approached by an anonymous NFL team who inquired if Tebow was willing to play a position other than quarterback. Tebow passed on the offer quicker than he typically passed from the pocket, citing that it was his dream to be a NFL quarterback.

It’s easy to say from our couches, cubicles and local haunts that we would take any NFL job offered to us. We are not professional athletes. To be fair, right now Tebow isn’t either but he’s arguably much closer than most of the folks who read my columns. On one hand I give full respect to Tebow for following his heart and keeping the dream alive. On the other hand, sometimes you have to do things you might not want to do to get to where you need to go.

My heart salutes him, my brain is more analytical. I question why Tebow doesn’t take a job as a tight end, fullback or whatever position he’s offered in the NFL. He has an opportunity to play football, make a ton of money and he can learn what it takes to be a NFL quarterback on the side, after practices. He would have access to the best coaches, equipment, and study areas available. You often hear about players who understand the game better from playing multiple positions, like the cornerback who used to play receiver who now knows things like to watch a QB’s eyes or when the receiver turns his head is the time to make the play.

Tebow wants to be a quarterback. Right now, he is not ready to be a NFL quarterback. If he was, one of the 32 teams in the league would have contacted him about his services. I say that if Tebow really wants to quarterback at that level, he needs to go to Canada.

The Canadian Football League is not a joke. It’s not the NFL by any stretch, but he can benefit from his time there. Look at Doug Flutie or Warren Moon. Both were players who at one point weren’t “good enough” to start at the NFL level. Both did their time there, learned what it takes, and played their way to NFL rosters. Both benefited from their time in the Canadian Football League enough to be in the conversation as best at their positions during their respective NFL careers.

Even Arena League Football taught Kurt Warner enough to parlay that into a starting job and eventual Super Bowl glory. Tebow needs to take the scenic route, go play wherever he can, get the reps, learn the fine points of being a quarterback and work his way back to the NFL. Play well enough to force someone to roster him.

Either that or he can pray that an impromptu pep rally is enough to convince NFL ownership that he is capable of leading a franchise to the promised land.

As always, I welcome your comments. If you think I’m wrong, I’m willing to listen. Just back it up with some facts and solid evidence. Thanks for reading and good luck this season.

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