New Orleans Saints: Rocky Run Cancellation Exposes Ugly Side Of Sports

Philadelphia Eagles fans

As I was scrolling across social media this morning, I came across a story about tonight’s NFL playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles. The basic storyline was that a reporter from New Orleans […]

NFL Is To Blame For Rob Gronkowski’s Injury

Rob Gronkowski

On one hand, you have to give the NFL a little bit of credit for the way they have put a spotlight on player safety over the last few seasons. They recognized that concussions have become a major problem, and […]

Josh Freeman Released By Buccaneers

Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman has been released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in a move that should surprise nobody. The Bucs were obviously unhappy with Freeman and him with them. Freeman was being actively shopped as reports from Tampa Bay indicated that […]

Tim Tebow’s Path To NFL Starting Quarteback Job May Run Through Canada

Tim Tebow

Right now, as we speak, fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are “rallying” in an effort to convince the Jags management that they need to sign Tim Tebow. While I agree with Will Reeve that it would be a good move from […]

Roger Godell Will Be Busy This Week

Roger Godell

One of the pillars of being a good leader, CEO or judge is consistency. If exhibit A is a penalty worth 15 yards in week one, it had sure better be a penalty worth 15 yards in week 17. With […]

Patriots Need Better From Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a winner, no doubt about it. He has five Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVP awards. He has been named to the Pro Bowl eight times. He has a career record […]

Weekly Pick ‘Em Thursday Edition: Baltimore Ravens At Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning

Finally! The NFL season kicks off tonight when the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens travel to the Mile High City to face the Denver Broncos. Weekly pick ‘ems leagues are quickly gaining popularity among offices, churches and friends just looking to […]

Brian Jennings Reacts With Class To Released By San Francisco 49ers

Brian Jennings

If you are a football fan, there is a strong probability that you know who  Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings is. He is the Green Bay Packers‘ two-time Pro Bowler who was on a Super Bowl winning team, and was released by the Packers […]